[LAU] phase inversion plugin

F. Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Fri Feb 20 19:23:45 UTC 2015

Chris Bungue, Feb 20 2015:

> Hi, I'm locking for
> *a phase inversion plugin.*But I could not find anything.
> Some ideas?
Hey hey,
simply inverting the phase, shifting it by 180 degrees, only requires a negative volume. Whereever you can set the volume in percent or have a fixed point of silence, you can do it. Simple LADSPA amplifier - not amp modelling - plugins will allow that. The basic CMT LADSPA plugin collection[1] should provide that. Ardour has a phase inversion switch and some commandline utilities, including Ecasound[2] and Sox[3], allow that.
[1] http://www.ladspa.org/cmt
[2] http://www.eca.cx/ecasound
[3] http://sox.sourceforge.net/

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