[LAU] Problems with sample rate and recordings (Mackie onyx 1640-i < Firewire > Debian )

David Santamauro david.santamauro at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 10:16:32 UTC 2015


On 02/26/2015 11:18 AM, sub wrote:
> When i playback audio from the linux machine (like mp3s ) through the
> firewire and the Onyx console, i get random switches of speed and pitch.
If pulseaudio is involved, check these settings in /etc/daemon.conf


The default settings, I believe were 44100 and 48000 respectively and 
this caused certain applications (skype, in particular) to have their 
signals downsampled from 48k -> 44k. Was an interesting affect during 
skype conversations but ultimately got annoying so I changed both 
settings above to the same value (48000) and all is well.

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