[LAU] Netjack questions

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan.osaudio at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 20:34:30 UTC 2015

~ Russell

> On Jan 12, 2015, at 12:19 PM, Fons Adriaensen <fons at linuxaudio.org> wrote:
>> On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 12:10:09PM -0800, Russell Hanaghan wrote:
>> I have a resident position at a local live venue haunt doing live sound. Nothing super fancy but we get a great variety of quality acts thru there.
>> I need some more returns to the stage. Probably 2 for live monitors and maybe a cpl for I  ear mixes. Rather than going for wired solutions, could u get the latency low enough on netjack to not be a nuisance over wireless? I could also run a single cat 5e or 6 and gig ports too I suppose. Easier than running 4 + shielded pair in this particular instance. Have several older laptops laying about. 
>> Is anyone doing something similar to success?
> At work I've been using zita-njbridge with the default 10 ms buffering 
> over a wireless LAN. I don't think this can be repeated easily (I'm 
> working at Huawei Research so networks can be assumed to be performing
> well). OTOH using a Cat6 cable and decent NICs this should just work.
> Latency may still be too high for in-ear monitoring. 
Thanks Fons,

I understand. I'm not too worried about the network side of stuff. I've a variety of gear and have a long background associated to network infrastructure. Is < 10ms possible in a stable fashion using the netjack and your zita bridge? Even half that might be ok. It's a small stAge and room is mostly brick (from 1886!!) with wood floor n ceiling. Some xtra minor 'slap back' might be tolerable given difficulty hearing on stage next to a bloody drum kit & guitar amps! 



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