[LAU] Merging Midi with "VAST Programmer" and controller keyboard

Iain Mott acousmetre at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 10:03:13 UTC 2015

Hi list,

I'm playing around with a no-longer-developed java-based editor for
Kurzweil syths called "VAST Programmer" (VP) and I have a question about
MIDI on my Ubuntu Studio 14.04 in order to use a MIDI keyboard together
with the editing software. 

My MIDI hardware includes:

A Behringer UMX490 USB controller keyboard
Kurzweil K2000R Synth
Hammerfall DSP Multiface I.

Editing with the VP, which works by sending and receiving system
exclusive messages, requires that the K2000R's MIDI in and out are
connected to the out and in of the Multiface. The UMX490 therefore needs
to be connected to the computer via USB. Both the UMX490 and the
Hammerfall DSP multiface show up in Qjackctl under the ALSA tab as both
readable and writable clients.

When VP starts for the first time it asks the user to select from a list
of available MIDI in and outs. I selected the HDSP which is displayed as
"DSP [hw:0,0,0]". VP then opens and allows me to edit the K2000. VP does
not show up in qjackctl however and once connected to the HDSP I can no
longer make a connection between the UMX490 (readable client) and the
Hammerfall DSO (writable client) in order to play the synth. The HDSP
seems to be fully occupied.

It seems that I need a type of "MIDI merge" function to have the editor
and keyboard functioning at once. I remember back in the 80s(!) little
hardware boxes existed for this, but there must be a way of doing this
software. Can someone please send suggestions?

If anyone googles this and wishes to run VP on Linux, note that it was
necessary to create the directory "/etc/.java/.systemPrefs/com" and make
it user-writable with "sudo chmod 777 /etc/.java/.systemPrefs/com" in
order to get it to run. VP can be downloaded from here:
To run, expand the zip file, enter into the main directory of the
resource and enter: java -Xms256m -Xmx256m -jar "vastp.jar"

You'll also need a "VAST" type Kurzweil syth connected via MIDI for it
to run.

There's a MIDI "Midi Compatibility issue" patch on the download page
that didn't work for me - the GUI was sized strangely and unusable. 

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