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Below is the first newsletter of the year for Sebkha-Chott, and it 
announces the new album MOQUETTES & TAPIS which will be released in 
Autumn. This album has been recorded using Debian GNU/Linux, has 
been/is/will be mixed using Debian GNU/Linux, and the same goes for the 
mastering, as well as cover conception, publication, and video clips 

On a musical point, it will go on with that kind of Rock In Opposition 
Sebkha-Chott usually plays, which means all and nothing, but you've got 
to know that this album is conceived as a "concerto" between heavy and 
naughty (if not even crappy) machines, "almost-baroque" ensemble 
(including cymbalum, 10-strings acoustic guitar, violin, bass sax...), 
and a "traditionnal" rock line-up with two basses which will play the 
Rock In opposition/avantprog parts.

You might check the teaser here:


And as you will see, many softwares used are credited inside! ;)

Hope you'll enjoy!


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Hey yo! Tupac Promo here!

*ZEROLIX*. *New album MOQUETTES & TAPIS announced or Autumn*
*UNOLX*. *First sample from upcoming album in a video clip* : http://vimeo.com/sebkhachott/moquettesettapis-teaser1
*TRIOLIX*. *A new web site, soon: http://www.sebkhachott.net*

The new Sebkha-Chott album will be released for Autumn, and will be

*MOQUETTES & TAPIS* (Carpets & Tapestries)

Preorders will be available online on 1st of April [1].

[1] http://www.sebkhachott.net

*UNOLIX*. *First sample of MOQUETTES & TAPIS*
The first sample of MOQUETTES & TAPIS is diffused within a video clip,
and announce all the guests which will be fearuting on this album [2].

[2] http://vimeo.com/sebkhachott/moquettesettapis-teaser1

*TRIOLIX*. *A new website*
A new Sebkha-Chott website will be out on 1st of April, too, you might
check at www.sebkaachott.net

  *Tyrant's bulletin*

Dear Patriot Aurélien (anglais)

So what? Before Christmas, you were waiting for us to fill up your
mailbox, and we didn't come... Then, you thought we'd be takking
opportunity with your New Year, and spam you like a tuffed turkey, bu
no Ohrelander tried and broke your imap. Then soldiers of moron
violence did kill Charlie Hebdo, and you thought the Tyrant would
shout "Je suis Charlie"... But the Tyrant has been french when he was
a teenage, he read Charlie by that time, and he didn't feel that those
elling they were Charlie really had something to do with Charlie in
most case. And what for are they shouting? For free speech? What
freespeech are we talking about? The free speech which fired Siné from
Charlie Hebdo? The free speech Richard Malka is spreading against
Muslims and their habits? In Ohreland all religions are equally hated,
and reporters don't have free speech, so that they're in no danger.

So, no, we didn't react, we didn't join the concert, and didn't use
that event to make our promo, we weren't Charlie, we never were, we
are much more Hara Kiri, and most of all we're no soldier of violence
and hatred...

So, say it again, Dude: democracy is shit. Look what it gives when the
most numerous wins and walks blindly, hu? You should better follow a
wise diktat like mine, oh for sure.
Actually, speaking about Diktat, Kour and so on, we're now working on
converting the Kourt into a GANG, so that the message should be clearer!

OK, we have said enough about occidental international news, I hope
you made a minute of silence to commemorate the 30 children of
Pakistan school killed several weeks ago, hu?
In Ohreland, the children don't go to school, so no danger. They go to
the factory, but not in the way you think: they're manager,
counter-master, cookies taskforce leader, and so on, and as they will
end up on the chain, they don't think one second about being naughty
to their colleagues.

So Ohreland wasn't in the streets, and you know why? Because everyone
in Ohreland, as well as prestigious guests, were recording acoustic
and mysterical things for the new Sebkha-Chott album, the 6th, called
Carpets & Tapestries, or Moquettes & Tapis.

Oh yes, when some are walking, we are working hard, we produce, and we
invite, and look, cause the list is long like a dream, the
non-exhaustive line-up for this album:

*Kour Sebkha-Chott*
- Wladimir Ohrelianov II - Basses / Guitars / Cymbalum / Vocals
- Nots Awful Mitzahal Jaquie - Drums / Piano Toy / Vocals
- Nots Awful Mitzahal Michel - Basses / Guitars / Flute / Vocals
- Tupac Promo - Vocals / Promo
- Yasser A Rafaal - Violin
- Xplicit Copain Content - Guitars production
- Miss OSX Tofu - Drums / Management

- Souv Ponk - Bass sax (http://www.baronsfreaks.org)
- Yüla Slipobitch - Daf / Derbouka (http://www.yula-s.net)
- Merouman - Guitar
- Mimetic Archangel - Bass
- AMMD Choir - Vocals (http://www.ammd.net)
- Substantif Lambert - Recording / Mixing

- Yom - Clarinet (http://www.yom.fr)
- Fred Gastard - Bass & soprano sax (http://www.triojournalintime.com)
- Mathieu Metzger - Sopranino sax (http://anthurus.free.fr)
- Gabriel Yacoub - Vocals (http://www.gabrielyacoub.com)
- Ike Willis - Vocals / Thing Fish (http://www.ikewillis.com)
- Mister HD - 10-strings acoustic guitar
- Deep Hervert - ???
- Capt'ain Biftek - ???

And why did we call all these people, you're wondering? To drink a
glass? To share some Azim bread?
No, it's because this new album, which is a concerto for Öttoskooter
and Coal Chamber Orchestra, I remind you, and which will mix
Öttoskooter subtilities with baroques loudnesses, all being mashed up
with Rock-In-Opposition flyovers, this album, I said, has a much wider goal:


and make them love me and my almighty Saint Trinité à Deux Doigts sans

And that's under this banner that the anniversary tour will happen,
with thematic phases along the year:

- April (France) - workshop about klezmer nazi, sionnist zeuhl and
   the influence of the couple Bechett/Wagner in Magma's music,
   directed by what's left of Igor Stravinsky.

- Autumn - TBA - conferences on using a rooster costume to fish with
   worms, and concomittences of the kefieh and pig-nose, under the
   artistic and arbitrary control of Yasser A Rafaal.

- Autumn (2) - TBA - workbenches on using Armenian Paper in Turkish
   closets, and discussions about the term "genocide" when dropping 3
   cubes isn't enough.

Well, that's pretty much, and already enough, your eyes probably are
tired, so you might want a bit of entertainment, when the lights on,
it's less dangerous, look:


(clic on the left button, it means "my eyes are tired in Japanese)

Never would have thought that Daisy....

May the Kourt be with you, behind you, upon you, by you and your
neighbours. [A]


[A] Apply this aphorism as a way of life, and Sebkha-Chott's Kourt's
promo plan will be realised without cutting any more tree!

  *End of the bulletin*

See you for the Ne[XXX]t Epilog!

Tupac Promo (Communication Director for Ohreland Revival and Sebkha-Chott's Kourt)

If you don't want to know how everyday's like at the
Sebkha-Chott's Kourt, answer to this mail with unsubscribe
in he subject, and listen to the contractual quadri-dozen of

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