[LAU] Kurzweil PC3/K KB3 setup for x42-whirl

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Fri Jun 19 17:40:39 UTC 2015

On 06/19/2015 07:19 PM, Christopher Arndt wrote:

>> Is there anything notable that you would change in setBfree?
> IMHO the animation to get to the rear view to access the options pages
> takes to long. Can it be turned off?

OK. I was referring to the sound, but feedback on the GUI is fine, too.

No you can't currently skip the animation, but you can directly jump to
all the items available on the rear-panel via keyboard shortcuts.
Press '?' or click the button top left with a "?" for a list of
available keyboard shortcuts.

> Built-in ability to control x42-whirl via MIDI (standalone and plugin)
> would be awesome too. 

The speed (chorale/off/tremolo), yes, you can. Press 'm' to view current
midi CC assignments. Ctrl+middle-click (same as ardour) to re-bind.

Other Leslie parameters can currently only be bound to midi-CCs using a
text config file (see setBfree --help or `man setbfree`).

There's a subtle trick: ctrl+middle-click on the left control (separate
horn/drum, 8 possible steps) vs right lever (linked: 3 steps). The
On-Screen-Dipslays show that. Both are however currently fixed CC-value
maps (no foot-pedal-friendly toggle/cycle).

> Or is this posssible already? If so, I didn't see
> it documented anywhere.

The help screen is terse but it is mentioned as "(Re) Assign Midi CC".


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