[LAU] rtirq

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sat Mar 14 23:12:01 UTC 2015

There was a comment a while ago about not listing rtc in rtirq a while 
ago, that there are other better timers to use on modern systems anyway.

Does audio SW generally use these other timers by default then? Is it 
worth while removing rtc from my rtirq config?

The default rtirq list is:
rtc snd usb i8042

I have found that in the case of two sound cards it is best to be more 

rtc snd_ice1712 snd i8042

(I have removed usb because I don't use it for anything)

The other question is why is i8042 included? Is it used for more than 
kb/mouse? It seems odd that the kb/mouse has higher priority than disk 
writes for example.

For use of things like netjack (or other AoIP sw), should eth0 (or 
whatever eth is used for audio) be added to this list? (if one eth is used 
for audio and the other for Inet, then separating them into hi and lo 
priority makes sense)

Asking questions because I don't know, maybe disk writes are buffered well 
enough it doesn't matter.

I have not had problems with xruns with the setup I have, but would like 
to know anyway.

Len Ovens

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