[LAU] Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 - reliable?

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sun Mar 29 21:50:37 UTC 2015

On Sun, 29 Mar 2015, Ben Bell wrote:

>> starts at boot and stop at shutdown) Are you using jackd or
>> jackdbus? If you are using jackdbus, you may wish to try chmod -x
> Actually I just did the opposite and disabled jackdbus, because jackd I
> understand (I think ;).

There is no documentation for jack_control and if I recall jack_control -h 
or --help do not work either but jack_control on it's own does. I think it 
is just a python script so looking through the file with an editor or 
pager would work too. I like jackdbus because the application that starts 
it is not the only one that can manipulate things in it. I find it very 
flexable. However using what you are used to is a great idea. You don't 
need to learn two new things at the same time.

>> I am sure if you powered the d1010 down while the system was running
>> you would have similar problems or worse. Don't do that. I think if
> Again, that's a fair point and it's partly only because of the problems
> I'm having that I find myself doing it. With the Delta 1010 the external
> rack boxes could be powered down but of course the cards stayed powered.

I was not aware of that as the delta 66 box does not have a power switch 
on the breakout box.

> I do still think that it ought to be possible to power the Focusrite down
> and get an error and a jack shutdown rather than hanging, but if not I'll

Actually, it is quite reasonable to expect an external audio IF should be 
able to be connected or disconnected on the fly... but I think last time I 
tried that with a USB interface (ALSA driver) things were difficult as 
well. I was going to ask if you had tried the ALSA FW stack.

> On the click side of things, I've found a firewire debug setting and turned
> it up and can now see that the clicks correspond perfectly to kernel
> messages like this:

I do not know enough about fw to say. I don't recall now if you are still 
using a desktop (as with the d1010s). If so I would try moving the FW 
interface to different slots to see if this helps. Prioritizing the irq of 
course helps too, but I am assuming you have already done so.

trying 32/3 instead 64/2 or any */3. This is just generally a good idea 
with any "networked" audio IF such as FW, USB or AoIP.

Len Ovens

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