[LAU] Jack fails in QJackCtl but not in command line

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sun May 3 20:45:52 UTC 2015

On Sun, 3 May 2015, Anton Curl wrote:

> Some news:
> I reinstalled jackd1 instead of jackd2. QJackCtl now runs jack without error. But
> ladiconf depends on jackd2. So I can't use Gladish, which is very annoying for
> me.
> Furthermore, Puleaudio sink and source are no more created automatically in Jack.
> I have to add supplementary lines in /etc/pulse/default.pa, then kill Pulseaudio,
> and when it restarts, it appears in jackd connections. It's also not very
> practical.

With jack2, I have found chmod -x /usr/bin/jackd helps. jackd does not do 
auto-pulse or gladish either anyway. What that leaves is jackdbus which is 
what qjackctl starts.

You can also play with jack_control for trouble shooting.

jack_control ds alsa dps capture hw:5,1 dps playback hw:5,0 dps \
 	rate 44100 dps period 256 dps nperiods 2 dps midi-driver seq \
 	ep realtime-priority 80 start

Should give you the same thing as the command below... but run jackdbus 

> On 02/05/2015 23:51, Anton Curl wrote:
>       Hi everyone!
>       To launch jack I run:
>             /usr/bin/jackd -P80 -dalsa -r44100 -p256 -n2 -Xseq -D
>             -Chw:5,1 -Phw:5,0

Ya, I know that is a long command line  :)

Personally, I would remove the dps midi-driver seq (-Xseq) and add the 

a2j_control ehw start

But that is personal preference. You may have a better idea than I why you 
want seq.

Len Ovens

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