[LAU] ShowQ - "a QLAB for Linux"

Edgar Aichinger edogawa at aon.at
Wed May 13 13:44:43 UTC 2015

Am Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2015, 15:21:50 schrieb Michael Jarosch:
> Am Mittwoch, den 13.05.2015, 15:00 +0200 schrieb Edgar Aichinger:
> > I'd be absolutely interested in trying it out! But you didn't provide a
> > download or website link, and google finds nothing (apart from info
> > about a Postfix mail queue viewer) but a page about a linux mint page
> > that links to an orphaned berlios project page...
> It seems to be an exclusive debian thing, now.
> I tried to get sources of the latest version from berlios and I also
> tried to get in touch with the creator of ShowQ, but no chance. Didn't
> even find a e-mail-address in the sources that I finally got from
> debian, directly...
> So, if you want to test ShowQ and if you're not a user of debian and
> it's derivates, use
> https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/showq
> as a startpoint. From there, there are several possibilities to fetch
> the sources, incl. git.
> And, well, if you're a debian user, use
> apt-get install showq
> for the binary or
> apt-get source showq
> for the sources.

Thanks, I was under the impression this is a new package and you're the author :)

Now I found a launchpad page that allowed me to download the latest git sources as tarball.

> Greets!
> Mitsch
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