[LAU] Oddity about Ardour package in Debian Sid

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sat May 16 13:30:24 UTC 2015

On Fri, 15 May 2015, david wrote:

> The package is still called "ardour3" but says the latest version is 
> "4.0-dfsg-1". What's up with that? Shouldn't it be ardour4????

Probably the package should be just ardour. Ardour 4 has many bug 
fixes/new features from a3. however, a project made and saved with a4 will 
still work on a3 and a project made on a3 will work with a4. (does here) I 
would imagine the debian packager wanted to take advantage of the bug 
fixes in 4.0 without making it a different package name. 4.1 however, may 
break things... the sessions will still work back and forth, but 4.1 adds 
trim controls to the strips that 4.0 and 3.* don't know what to do with so 
settings on the trims are lost going from 4.1 to 4.0.

Len Ovens

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