[LAU] ShowQ - "a QLAB for Linux"

mark hadman markhadman at gmail.com
Wed May 20 16:24:28 UTC 2015

> From: Michael Jarosch <riotsound at riotmusic.de>
> Hi there!
> ShowQ is a unique cue-player for Linux-Audio-Users. I use it as a core
> application for my theater activities.
> Even in the linux-community it's not a very well known application,
> although there's no other linux-program (I know) if you need a
> one-shot-audio-player with features like f.e. programmable fade-in,
> fade-out, no matter if you want it time-based or triggered by space (or
> another key).
> It can do a lot more - ShowQ has MIDI-support. Although I never tested
> this feature, it should be possible to control any application with
> MIDI-support. QLC(+) f.e. - or maybe some video-players do support MIDI
> - I don't know...
> Yeah, of course, ShowQ is not a drop in replacement for QLAB, but
> speaking about audio it fits quiet perfectly in my setup.
> ShowQ is in the Debian (and Ubuntu?) repositories, it's written in C++
> and of course released under the terms of the GPL. Although this app is
> quiet useful for technicians like me, the development stopped years ago.
> I am not a coder, but I do my best to keep this project alive. On the
> Debian bug-tracker I write bug-reports for ShowQ, hoping that on one
> hand it's useful for other users to work around problems, on the other
> hand that someone fixes them.
> Last time I reported a bug Jarom?r Mike? the Debian-maintainer of ShowQ
> wrote that he is not able to fix the bugs and he would like to kick
> ShowQ. Of course, he also would like to package an alternative if there
> would be some he could package.
> I don't know any - so my linux-based theater setup is about to be killed
> one day when ShowQ wouldn't compile on my debian machine, anymore.
> So, what do I want from you?
> Test ShowQ! Maybe it's the app you've been missing for a long time!
> And if you're a coder with C++-skills, check out my bugreports on
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?repeatmerged=no&src=showq
> - maybe you've got the clue...
> OR: Got an alternative to ShowQ? You're welcome!
> Greets!
> Mitsch

Great to see I'm not the only ShowQ user in the world. I somehow
installed (maybe even built) it on my Arch Linux netbook about 4 years
ago and I've used it at least one week a year without issues or
updates ever since. I even hand-edited the .geany GUI file to add some
keyboard shortcuts to the menu items.


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