[LAU] PCI1 and new motherboards - a tip

Michael Jarosch riotsound at riotmusic.de
Mon May 25 16:52:31 UTC 2015

Am Sonntag, den 24.05.2015, 11:04 +0200 schrieb Jostein Chr. Andersen:

> I'm in the process of upgrading my computer HW, but still want to use 
> my old trusted M-Audio delta 1010 cards. Two times, I have had to buy a 
> motherboard with old PCI ports, or that is what I have believed for some 
> years. Today I found this on the 'Net:
> http://www.startech.com/Cards-Adapters/Slot-Extension/PCI-Express-to-PCI-Adapter-Card~PEX1PCI1

Don't know. Routing PCI (Classic) over PCIe: Is this a good idea when
realtime matters? I have a Supermicro Mainboard with two Intel Xeon CPUs
and there are some xruns from time to time I can't explain. The PCI-Slot
is also routed over PCIe...

I have to test them, first, before recommending but I'm about to switch
to AMD, because they still deliver PCI-classic-support without any
workarounds on the latest CPU-generation.

Search for MoBos with A88- and A78-chipsets f.e.!
Unfortunately, latest Opterons doesn't support  PCI-classic AFAIK.


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