[LAU] New hardware setup for recording (not same as existing threads)

Tilo Kremer lau at dadacafe.org
Tue May 26 07:39:13 UTC 2015


On 25.05.2015 23:23, Martin Cracauer wrote:
> I am also looking to have a conversation about recording hardware, but
> not quite the same as the PCI one.
> Short story:
> If I wanted to have a combination of two separate devices,
> analog->ADAT unit and ADAT->Linux at computer, what would I buy?

for the A/D converter with ADAT something like Behringer ADA or
Focusrite Octopre could come to mind (or something expensive, ymmv).

I got an ada 8000 and it works well. i cannot say much about the
preamps in it as i'm exclusively using it for line in. a plus is
that the gain knobs work for line in too.
no idea about its currently available successor ada 8200 (that
possibly got better preamps).


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