[LAU] Fireface UFX in class compliant mode

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Thu May 28 04:13:17 UTC 2015

Hi list,

not sure if this has been reported already, but today I was able to
connect an RME Fireface UFX in class compliant mode via USB to my Debian
box and got 22 Channels (the limit in RME's class compliant mode) of
output working (was not able to verify inputs due to a lack of
real-world input sources) with Pure Data and ALSA's OSS emulation, as
well as with jack.

Most likely it does not make sense to purchase such an exquisite audio
interface for use with linux, as the mixing application will not be
accessible from software, and with it most DSP processing power in RME's
on-board mixer. But in case your institution/department
chair/infrastructure management decided to buy such a thing, and you see
it sitting unused on a shelf in someone's office, i thought it might be
nice to know you can get at least 22 I/O with it on a standard Debian
testing box via USB 2.0

best, Peter

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