[LAU] Music Made With Linux - Rated Blue EP Released!

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Mon Nov 2 22:24:43 UTC 2015

Am 02.11.2015 um 21:38 schrieb Will Godfrey:
> Seriously impressed with this!
> I intended to just listen briefly but ended up running the whole album. All
> the tracks are good individually, and match well as a set.

Same here. Though I thought the first track to be the weakest. I think
the title track would make a better opener.

I think the mixing is a bit strange. I suspect it's intentional, but I
found the stereo panorama, err, interesting. IMHO the guitar should be
more center, and the bass dead-center anyway, but I guess the setup is
intended to give a vintage, session-in-the-barn feeling. :) Also vocals
are not quite "in front" enough, maybe it's the reverb settings. It all
sounds a bit like the listener was standing right next to the guitar amp
but the rest of the musicians are farther away.

Soundwise (and also in style) it reminds me a lot of "Texas Flood" by
SRV, which is a good thing. Maybe have a listen to that album and see if
any mixing ideas can be had from it?

Still, I enjoyed listening to it as a whole!


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