[LAU] Music Made With Linux - Rated Blue EP Released!

Glen MacArthur info at bandshed.net
Tue Nov 3 18:44:33 UTC 2015

Chris Caudle wrote:
> On Mon, November 2, 2015 5:15 pm, Glen MacArthur wrote:
>> for this material I wanted to go with the old classic power-trio
>> stage mix, since as a trio every piece counts I wanted more definition
>> especially for the bass because it really is what fills in the space
>> and Pete is a good enough player to deserve his own channel :). Also
>> the track order was also kind of planned as a live set would go,
>> obviously the first cut is the most directly blues derivative but in
>> a live show such a song would be uptempo and a way to say "hey we're
>> here!" and get the audience involved and let the band warm up a bit
>> before getting to the more demanding stuff..
> I think it was successful then, because as I was listening almost right
> away came to mind listening to blues in a club or bar.  There were a
> couple of songs where I thought that if you added some chatter and
> applause you could almost get away with making people think it was a live
> recording.
> I don't remember if you said, was it tracked live, or did you overdub
> parts?
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> Chris Caudle
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Hi Chris, thanks very much for listening and for your comments,

I'm very glad that you heard it that way, actually it is somewhat live in
that we fed line mixes to Connor to lay the bed tracks so he tracked his
drums playing live to the parts Pete and I would actually play if we were
playing it live. Since our existing studio is small without a proper
control room (yet) we just wanted a quiet room to record the drums as
cleanly as possible. We then re-recorded the bass and guitar tracks simply
to get equally clean bleed-free representations through proper tube amps.
Very little has been added as far as parts that would not exist in a Live
context, for instance I have doubled my rhythm guitar parts during verses
and choruses in a few instances but all the solos are tracked with just
the trio, I intentionally haven't created rhythm guitar parts during solos
that wouldn't be there live, nor have I added vocal harmonies. It just
about killed me to not add some Hammond B3 parts with setBfree though... I
suppose an exception would be the harmonica parts which may or may not be
included in a Live show depending how much I feel like multitasking...

Anyway probably more detail than you needed, thanks again :)


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