[LAU] Ardour4 and named jack?

Ede Wolf listac at nebelschwaden.de
Thu Nov 5 19:37:05 UTC 2015

> But build it with more than one backend, and the user needs ways to
> choose the backend, at which point, things start to get much more
> complex than they otherwise would be.

And while we are talking about user friendlyness or confision:

For those who like to stick with already available packages instead of 
building their own, which I guess are more than 1%, a simple option to 
the ardour binary or an environment variable to only use jack and don't 
ask for the backend at all would not hurt either.

Or check if jack is already running and if then do not ask. But then 
again, having a _possibility_ to start ardour with a default template 
and not asking anything would be really a big step up.

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