[LAU] [OT] Sebkha on tour: looking for a place to sleep between Nürnberg and Praha

ORL orl at ammd.net
Thu Nov 5 20:41:05 UTC 2015


Slightly off-topic, for sure, but, who knows, we might have more to 
share with people in here who would host us than with so-called "social 
network" pretending to know!

So, we're on tour in Europe with Sebkha-Chott (the very last tour, then 
we close the project), and have several offdates between Praha and 
Nürnberg from the 9th (included) to the 11th (night included), and we're 
trying to find a place to sleep (or play, why not?) by that time.

If you leave in this region and want to host one or two or the four of 
us, just tell me!

Thanks a lot.

AMMD - Freak & Free Arts Coo[r]p
www.ammd.net - 095 234 72 48

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