[LAU] Temple of Time - made in Linux

Gavin Stevens gavmusic at talktalk.net
Sat Nov 7 20:39:08 UTC 2015

Massive delurk & Hi to all,

I am delighted to announce my first electronic music since 1998.


Temple of Time is a rhythmic exploration of different tempi & how they
combine rhythmically. It inhabits a sparse sound-world of clicks,
ticks & some drum-like sounds. Temple of Time was created entirely in
Audacity (OS: Debian Stretch), the sounds were generated from multiple
click-tracks with pitches applied. 50 click-tracks & 99 pitches were
used in total, although mostly between 4 & 7 tracks are used at any one
time, bar a brief passage where 13 tracks are crossing over.

In the first track, events don't always happen quickly, which you may
expect at 35 minutes long. It works if you relax & let it happen. The
other 2 tracks are faster changing. Enjoy.

Best wishes,

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