[LAU] Underneath, composed in qtractor

Benoît Rouits brouits at free.fr
Sun Nov 8 16:37:24 UTC 2015

Le 08/11/2015 09:02, F. Silvain a écrit :
> Benoît Rouits, Nov 8 2015:
> ...
>> http://brouits.free.fr/music/various/underneath%20%28export%29.mp3

> Hey hey Benoît,
> I liked both pieces. Alas the used sounds left something to be desired.

Indeed, especially for the piano on heroine i think. Unfortunately i am 
not a good piano player enough to follow the score at that pace.

> :) I agree with Chris about the children playing in the street. You used
> that sample very nicely.
> I'd love to hear Heroine played live on a real piano or using one of the
> big, free pianos for LinuxSampler.

Yes, I will try to find something more 'real' and eventually post a new 

Thank you for your comments,
- Ben

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