[LAU] Music made with Linux - Désert (zynadd, amsynth, seq24 and a few ladspa... plus M$)

Benoît Rouits brouits at free.fr
Tue Nov 10 00:04:09 UTC 2015

Good evening list,

Again, i would like to share with you a space/ambient piece composed 
under Linux, but also which a friend of mine collaborated to, with 
percussive sound effects she made on a M$ OS with some 
idontknowwhatsoftware®. It was made last year, but i think i did not 
mention it on the list, until now.

This was my first collaborative experience and i liked it, we made 3 
version, but this one is my preferred [1].

The body of this piece [2] is very simple:
seq24 controlling 2 voices (3 in fact): one is zyn on the bass (plus 
some bleeps), and the second is a custom amsynth patch (the lead voice).

All that recorded with timemachine, then edited with audacity to add the 
percussive effects my friend made. Then i overdubbed it with an edited 
recording of a Mercury7 mission voice from the NASA (freely available on 
archive.org [*]).

[1] the full version:

[2] the vanilla seq24/zyn/ams version:

[*] Scott Carpenter voice only:

Hope you will enjoy it, with big loudspeakers (some sounds are very low 
and at low frequencies).

This piece yields me to a question: where does the musical discourse lie 
between the synth sounds and the astronaut's voice ?

- Ben

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