[LAU] Music recorded with Linux: The Deschanels

Riccardo Binetti rbino at gmx.com
Thu Nov 12 18:21:35 UTC 2015

On 11/12/2015 06:18 PM, Glen MacArthur wrote:
> If you don't mind it would be great to know more details about how you
> recorded it (mics used, guitars/amps used, plugins used etc.). Thanks for
> sharing and best of luck with youe project!
> Glen

First of all, thanks for the compliments! :)
I will explain a bit the setup.

The audio interface was an Edirol UA-101. For the drums: the overheads,
the floor tom mic and the snare bottom mic were from a cheap Gatt drum
mic set. On the top of the snare I had an SM-58, inside the kick drum I
had an AKG D112 near the batter head and an AKG 420 on the front of the
kick drum with the -20 dB pad on (I wanted to experiment double-miking
the kick drum since it's always the drum piece that doesn't satisfy me
when I mix it).

The bass and guitars were recorded through a Digitech GNX3000 for the
amp emulation, a quite old pedalboard but at least it has a Linux client
to program it! I had it for quite some time and some knobs and outputs
don't work anymore, so the next time I think I will use Guitarix; I
already knew it before, but I just didn't sit down playing with it for
enough time. Now that I have, I think it can do better than the
pedalboard (and reamping would be less of a PITA).

The voices were recorded with the aforementioned AKG420.

On the plugin side, I had to do some drum replacement on the snare top
because (damn me) I didn't notice that there was a strong bleed from the
ride cymbal into che top snare mic. I've made a Midi track with
DrumGizmo and I used Onset Trigger on the snare top track to record the
midi of that track. The "Xilophone" in "Baby I Love You" was made with
As for the effects, almost every track uses EQ4Q and Calf Mono
Compressor, then I have Calf Exciter on the Guitar Bus, Roomy as
instrument reverb, GxDelay on the solo guitar, TAP DeEsser on the lead
singer voice, MDA Delay on the Voice Bus and basically that's it for the

For the mastering I used EQ10Q, Calf Multiband Limiter and Calf Analyzer
to check that everything was alright. And for the final effect in "Baby
I Love You" I used The Infamous Powercut.

I hope the details are enough :)


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