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Le lundi, 16 novembre 2015 06:16:10 +0100 fred <f.rech at yahoo.fr> a

> As said, your song is nice to hear. 


> How do you mic the guitar on left side?

Funny you mention that.  A couple of days ago I mention to Ralf that I
was leaving the whole topic of stereo mixes for later.  Until you
mention the left side, I never paid attention to spatial sound
locations.  Ever.  As you can see in the attached screen shot, the
track with the lead guitar has a 'special spatial' round thing that I do
not know how to get rid of.  It was placed there when I tried a plugin
that had 8 outputs.  I removed the plugin and this stayed.  The green
box shows the control I tried from time to time.  I move it and it does
not seem to do anything with the sound eg. I have the impression it
stays right in the middle.

So this topic of stereo location and also of mics is still something I
do not know about.

The microphone is an Audio Technica AT2050 that was simply put in front
of the guitar, as I basically always do, in front of the upper mesh
(*) I have never tried anything else so far.  I should also get a
surface pickup one of these days.  New strings makes a good
difference.  Not too new, but about 1 week old strings.

(*) The Shiraki guitar is a copy of an Alvarez Yairi.  This is the
Alvarez Yairi:


So you see what I mean by the upper mesh.  The Shiraki is basically the
same, but it has more 'meshes' around the bottom.  The mic is oriented
towards the upper part.

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