[LAU] "Cannot open lsp client" ??

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Fri Nov 20 09:34:09 UTC 2015

On 11/19/2015 04:17 PM, James Harkins wrote:
> Thanks, David, for the reply.
> My normal practice for suspending the session is to stop the Jack server
> first. I've also configured PulseAudio *not* to start itself, so at the
> time I suspend the session, there is no process actively using the audio
> hardware. After resuming the session, that's when I restart the Jack
> server and this fires up the ALSA driver.

Hmm, I thought ALSA drivers loaded during boot, not when JACKD tries to 
start? I only use JACK when I'm making music - but can still play audio 
from programs that don't use JACK, without starting JACK. (I have no 
trace of PulseAudio on my system).

Don't know for certain about audio hardware, but was quite familiar with 
network hardware (usually wireless) for which system drivers set the 
device state at load and/or when a connection was established. When the 
system was suspended, everything went to sleep/hibernated/whatever - 
except the hardware.

The state of the hardware could change when the system was suspended. 
(Or in the case of network hardware, the state of the network would 
change.) In fact, if it was "hibernate to disk, then shut off", 
guaranteed the state of the hardware changed. When a system comes up 
from a cold state like that and loads a hibernation image, does the 
hibernated system reload any required firmware, for instance?

When the system resumed from suspension, the drivers just assumed that 
"their" device was in the same state as before ... leading to failure.

That was a good while ago, don't know if it's still an issue. Just an idea.

> Weird.
> hjh


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