[LAU] pianos with built in recorders?

F. Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Sat Nov 21 07:52:55 UTC 2015

Hi Karen!
Karen Lewellen, Nov 21 2015:
>> Thoughts about the efficiency of using such in Linux?
>> since many connect via USB for example, does it make transfer of files 
>> easier?
I don't own such a Yamaha e-piano, but these USB connections are mostly for MIDI only or on the really classy instruments for MIDI and audio. These at least can be used within Linux. If they allow any special features these will need a driver - normally available for windows and Mac. I know, that some of the big Motif and Mo synths have a port for a USB stick, but that's something completely different.
This is not 100% reliable info, but based on the standard situation.
>> Any disadvantages?
If you're piano has USB, you can connect it and no disadvantage as such. I've connected a couple of my synthesizers via direct USB and others via MIDI. Can't say I notice a different in perofrmance. One advantage of USB over 5pin MIDI is, that every computer, that has ports for connection, will have a USB port, whilst a MIDI port is something special found on medium to better sound cards or of course in a USB to MIDI adapter cable.

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