[LAU] Isolating/dedicating Interrupts (was: irqbalance)?

Ede Wolf listac at nebelschwaden.de
Sat Nov 21 13:40:04 UTC 2015

Following the discussion about irq_balance, I was having a look at my 
interrupts, I figured that my most important devices all share a single one:

cat /proc/interrupts:

  20:  <CPU List> IR-IO-APIC   20-fasteoi   ohci_hcd:usb9, snd_rme9652, 

So some USB, my passed-through parallel card and my soundcard are all 
sharing interrupt #20.

Now I wonder, is there a way to force the system to use a dedicated 
interrupt just for the soundcard? So that the other ones shall use a 
different one (and keep sharing, if the are happy there)?

Links are welcome, too, of course. So far I just found info on setting 
interrupt CPU affinity, but not about configuring an exclusive interrupt 
for a given PCI device.

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