[LAU] pianos with built in recorders?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Sat Nov 21 16:22:42 UTC 2015

Hi there!
Actually I am far less concerned by the connection, than I am the quality 
of the  on board recorders to build a project.
I do not want my piano to connect via USB. I established  that last time I 
knocked on this door smiles.
It is either going to be connected to the control surface I use  for radio 
production, to the m-audio  audiofile 2496 or to some other sound card.
However if the on board sequencer produces  something that can be played 
back in a fashion allowing it to work say with a composing package that 
has midi support, it might skip a step.
so anyone have direct experience with pianos with their own recorder 
/sequencers built in?

On Sat, 21 Nov 2015, F. Silvain wrote:

> Hi Karen!
> Karen Lewellen, Nov 21 2015:
> ...
>> >  Thoughts about the efficiency of using such in Linux?
>> >  since many connect via USB for example, does it make transfer of files 
>> >  easier?
> I don't own such a Yamaha e-piano, but these USB connections are mostly for 
> MIDI only or on the really classy instruments for MIDI and audio. These at 
> least can be used within Linux. If they allow any special features these will 
> need a driver - normally available for windows and Mac. I know, that some of 
> the big Motif and Mo synths have a port for a USB stick, but that's something 
> completely different.
> This is not 100% reliable info, but based on the standard situation.
>> >  Any disadvantages?
> If you're piano has USB, you can connect it and no disadvantage as such. I've 
> connected a couple of my synthesizers via direct USB and others via MIDI. 
> Can't say I notice a different in perofrmance. One advantage of USB over 5pin 
> MIDI is, that every computer, that has ports for connection, will have a USB 
> port, whilst a MIDI port is something special found on medium to better sound 
> cards or of course in a USB to MIDI adapter cable.
> ...
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