[LAU] Recorded in Linux: restored from archive: KillVideGill

jonetsu at teksavvy.com jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Fri Nov 27 17:05:13 UTC 2015


This one dates from 2006.  The date is easy to remember since it is in
Wikipedia.  September 13th 2006.  The Dawson College shooting in
Montreal.  It could have been any other at any other place.  That
evening I made this and almost uploaded it on the killer's web page
which was still active at that time, to share the feelings to anyone
touched by this. It is about sadness, expressed against a busy
backdrop of events.

This is entirely done using Zynaddsubfx synthesizer.  The sequences
are made of 1 short clip each copy/pasted for the duration of the 1:48
piece.  The resonance line and chords were played over.  What was done
this month was to restore the sequence of clips from an old Ardour
session that would not load as it was, by copy/pasting and aligning
each clip carefully one after the other.  Then Robin Gareus' 4-band EQ
was applied to all tracks including master.  A touch of reverb was
added, as well as echo at one place.  The original piece was on-going
all the same from the start.  This new version has a break near the
end that surfaces what would be the expression of sad emptiness before
the 'business' restarts.  Automation was used on EQ and echo as well
as here and there for slight volume control.  


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