[LAU] Minor bug-fixes and accessibility improvements of GSequencer 0.6.23

Joël Krähemann jkraehemann at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 22:30:02 UTC 2015

Hi all

Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer release 0.6.23 has defenitily not to be
missed. Fixes done so far:

        * fixed allocation of AgsDial
        * fixed focus in ags_dial.c
        * fixed _File mnemonic in menubar
        * fixed recover of GSequencer project as doing properties
        * fixed SIGINT while reading XML files including AgsRecallLadspa

see ChangeLog for indept view. Further on http://gsequencer.org is an
empty project with one drum and two synths connected by a mixer with
output panel. So you just have to fill in the gaps.

Further the mixer is using LADSPA caps plugins:

        * drum -> 10 band equaliser
        * matrix0 -> Mono Phaser
        * matrix1 -> Noise Gate

Would be great to hear from you ...

$ wget -c http://gsequencer.org/ags_drum_and_synth.xml
$ gsequencer --filename ags_drum_and_synth.xml


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