[LAU] Current Location of dae

Hart Larry chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Tue Sep 1 11:03:16 UTC 2015

OK, a continuing thank you for ideas in my quest to edit mp3s. I received this 
back from an author of dae:
I will put it up at ftp.meraka.csir.co.za/pub/in/wvdwalt/dae-latest.tar.bz2 for 
The mirror I used for it lately is down because of hardware problems.
It cannot edit mp3 yet, and probably never will.
The library used in dae is ecasound which do not allow editing of mp3.
Therefore, you need to first convert the mp3 to wav, edit it, and then convert 
it back to mp3.
Although that can be automated using sox or such, it is not a good idea, as the 
quality of the audio will degrade every time
you edit the file.
Back again live, as I said his program is a good example of the type of a 
concept. Thanks so much in advance

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