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Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Thu Sep 10 19:29:47 UTC 2015

On 09/10/2015 05:30 PM, Rhizomatic Nomad wrote:
> In short: I'm looking for a mixer which works out of the box with linux.
> Longer story: For an acrobatic/music group I'm looking for a mixer with
> different compatabilities:
> - It should work as a(n analog) standalone mixer for mics and instruments
> - It should work with linux to get the sources into ardour, preferable
> replace an external soundcard
> - In best case it has Midi support to control ardour and other programs.

MIDI faders and an _analog_ mixer is a bit of a contradiction...

If you can do with a completely analog mixer:

* I liked the Mackie Onyx 16-channel desk a lot. Firewire out which 
works flawlessly with FFADO, but no Wordclock in, hence difficult to 
integrate into more complex recording setups. Mixer built like a tank, 
very nice to work with.

* MIDAS makes a analog mixer with 2 full parametric EQs and Firewire 
in/out, I think it's called the F32. It's a thing of beauty, but it only 
has four auxes, which is a shame as it seriously limits its usefulness. 
I loved it when I got to use it, have used it 3-4 times IIRC.

If you're looking for integration with Ardour etc. as a controller, 
_and_ you can live with a fully digital mixer (and hey, why not?) both 
the Behringer X32 and the Allen&Heath GLD 80 are quite nice to work 
with, the bugs have been shaken out by now, and they provide awesome 
value for the cost. The A&H QU might be another nice option at a lower 
price point.

Personally, I have a strong dislike for the SI Compact and Performer (as 
in OMFG what an awful desk, display is a joke, patching is a pain, 
preamps noisy, each time I had to use them was an utter pain, and I now 
refuse to work with them).
Presonus makes a digital mixer that looks great on paper, but it doesn't 
have motorfaders and that totally rules it out for me. Failed concept if 
you ask me.



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