[LAU] Problem getting started with Midi editing - no sound!

Will Godfrey willgodfrey at musically.me.uk
Mon Sep 14 22:03:42 UTC 2015

On Mon, 14 Sep 2015 20:42:24 +0100
David Sumbler <david at aeolia.co.uk> wrote:

> I have hesitated for weeks to post here with such a basic and possibly
> stupid problem, but I am at my wits end with this.
> I run Ubuntu 12.04 on a desktop computer and also on a small notebook.
> Sound is fine on both of them, and I can play midi files through
> tiMidity with no problem.
> I want to use a midi-capable electric piano as an input device, and I
> reckoned the first thing to do was to get some suitable software and
> make sure I could play a midi file from a midi editor.
> I have QjackCtl, Qtractor (I also have Muse) and Qsynth installed.  I
> have spent weeks, on and off, trying to solve the basic problem of
> getting some sound from Qtractor (or Muse), but although both the editor
> and QjackCtl show that an imported midi file is actually being played, I
> get no sound whatsoever.  This is true for both computers, even though
> their hardware is pretty different.  As I said earlier, the sound on
> both computers is fine in other contexts, so it is almost certainly some
> fundamental error on my part, but I have no idea what is wrong.  I have
> tried all sorts of different sets of connections in QjackCtl, but never
> heard a note yet!
> Having read various posts in the forum archive, I tried running
> jack-metro.  QjackCtl shows that the metronome is running, but
> connecting the metronome to the system outputs produces no sound, so the
> problem seems to be at this level.
> If anyone feels they have the patience to try to point me in the right
> direction, I shall be very grateful indeed.
> David

Start from the beginning.

Run qtcrl
Run qsynth
in qsynth->setup->soundfonts open a soundfont (you should always see at least
the default one)
in qctrl->Connect->alsa link your keyboard to FLUID Synth
when you play the keyboard the activity light on qsynth should flash and you
should hear a piano sound.

let us know if any of these steps fail.

Will J Godfrey
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