[LAU] Music made with Linux: c2015-15

jonetsu at teksavvy.com jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Tue Sep 29 01:23:39 UTC 2015

On Mon, 28 Sep 2015 19:14:43 +0100
Will Godfrey <willgodfrey at musically.me.uk> wrote:

> > https://soundcloud.com/nominal6/c2015-15

> Enjoyed this. Liked that little bit on the end :)
> Seems well balanced to my ears. What kit did you use?

Thanks for the comment !  I'm not certain what you mean by 'kit', so
here's a setup overview.  All recorded using Ardour 4.2.0.  Most track
plugins are Calf 5-band EQ and Calf reverb. Master bus uses Fons' 4-band
parametric EQ and the Calf multiband limiter.  Recording mic is an
Audio Technica AT2050.  

On the sound generation front, the acoustic guitar is a Takamine.  The
drums are from a Korg Microstation (JazzBrush kit), played live on one
track, one take.  Or two :)  The cello solo sound is from the
free Sonatina library, loaded in Renoise 3.0 and going through a Black
Deluxe Cabinet simulator effect.  The electric guitar is again the
Microstation (WetDist), with Calf reverb Ardour automation at the end.
Finally, here and there are Reaktor's Microprism (NorthpoleNights),
Carbon (TheWarmth), and SpaceDrone (DesertWind), all free versions,
through the vsthost app.

It is the first time I tried to mixdown.  I have lots of tunes, really
a lot, but never actually went the extra step to (try to) make something
cohesive that also draws on dynamics and moods.  And also, by trying to
pay attention to not making it too boring for listeners.  I have
experienced that suggesting works well.  By that I mean not delivering
everything.  The listeners must also experience, there must be room for
some kind of participation.  When everything is given, it becomes not
as much interesting, and that's the other aspect I try to pay attention
to: to keep the interest.  The slowest tune there is can be made to
keep interest. It is much like a plant whose seed is planted, then
watered, and then it grows.  It sets a backdrop so that the listeners
can hopefully "grow things", make their own feelings and stories, during
the time the tune lasts.  And then again, there's also a question of
musical tastes.

At least this is now how I view the whole thing. :)


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