[LAU] asoundrc

Ffanci Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Fri Apr 1 07:15:01 UTC 2016

Ben Edwards, Apr 1 2016:
> I need to use a slave.
Yes, but I haven't seen it like that, if it works though...
> Is this correct?
> pcm_slave.sl3 {
>    pcm "hw:1,0"
>    format S16_LE
>    channels 2
>    rate /44100 /
> }
> pcm.complex_convert {
>    type plug
>    slave sl3
> }
Don't put the slashes around your sample rate. I'd normally put all the sl3 code inside your complex_converter, where you said:
slave sl3
I would have written:
slave {
 	pcm "hw:1,0,0"
> Not sure exactly what S16_LE.  Cant find a list of the formats. Or is this 
> the format of the card, not the format I want.
S16_LE = signed 16bit Little Endian, which is what you want. Take a look at the manpage for arecord:
man arecord
then search for s16_le:
you will come to a full list of accepted bit depth/sample formats of ALSA.
> Not against using jack but only if I have to.  It seems more complex and I am 
> very new to al this.
If you have to work with the asoundrc, JACK will be easier on every modern system, that I know off. It will take care of different bit depth automatically. Maybe give it a try at some point. If you like graphical user interfaces qjackctl is a good companion to look at connections and/or make them yourself.

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