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Yassin Philip philcm at gnu.org
Sat Apr 2 21:03:36 UTC 2016

OK, update. In this article I'm only mentioning two of the heroes that 
brought us this wonder. This is /very/ unfair to everyone who's 
involved, as Olivier rightly pointed out in the comments.

So we're going to publish a list of /everyone/ involved in the MOD 
project (that means devs of the plugins, you can imagine it's a big 
list, the more the merrier) with, or without attibution (this, that, 
code, UI, whatever) so please speak out.

Hey, this is just a blog post on a small french geek board, take it easy ;)


On 04/02/2016 05:06 PM, Yassin Philip wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> Here's a collective piece 
> <http://linuxfr.org/news/les-pedales-musicales-avec-mod> we 
> (linuxfr.org) published about the MOD-app (beta) everybody is very 
> excited about it (hence the score of the article) :)
> I will probably translate it for LMP. I want to do something big about 
> it because well, it's huge. This project absolutely flabbergasts me. 
> Oh BTW the app has not crashed on me once, everything works, this 
> thing is incredible, you guys the MOD team, I don't know, if I were 14 
> again I'd cover my rooms with your pics :)
> Cheeers
> yPhil
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