[LAU] multiJACK patch management: the first glimmerings of success

Markus Seeber markus.seeber at spectralbird.de
Sun Apr 3 10:49:24 UTC 2016

On 04/02/2016 06:52 PM, Robin Gareus wrote:
> On 04/02/2016 06:33 PM, Jonathan E. Brickman wrote:
>> For those who may be interested, I am seeing the first small glimmering
>> of what looks like real success, in running multiple JACK servers on one
>> box for the purpose of distributing DSP load.
> I had to double check that it's not April 1st anymore :)
> If running multiple synchronous instances of jack has lower DSP load
> than single instance, something is very very wrong.
> 2c,
> robin

Sounds like poor man's interleaved scheduling? Except very painful?

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