[LAU] some music for piano

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Mon Apr 4 09:47:51 UTC 2016


I've been writing music for piano recently.

3 Character Pieces (5 minutes)


Tune 12 (3 minutes)


Sonata for Sequenced Piano (11'30")


The character pieces are tonal/atonal, not too severe. Tune 12 is tonal, 
but its harmonies are built on a series of three discrete 4-note chords. 
The sonata is definitely tonal/atonal, with some severe contrasts (it's 
a sonata). Btw, only Tune 12 is humanly playable. Think of the others as 
my way of sending props to the spirit of Conlon Nancarrow. :)

The piano sounds are by the awesome Pianoteq.

All pieces are download-enabled.

Best regards,


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