[LAU] multiJACK patch management: the first glimmerings of success

Tweed tweed at lollipopfactory.com
Tue Apr 5 19:28:07 UTC 2016

On 04/02/16 12:33, Jonathan E. Brickman wrote:
> For those who may be interested, I am seeing the first small 
> glimmering of what looks like real success, in running multiple JACK 
> servers on one box for the purpose of distributing DSP load. I can now 
> reliably have two netjack1 slaves connect to one netjack1 master, the 
> master running ALSA to hardware, all within one Linux box under one 
> kernel and one filesystem.
> The way that this works is "containerization" or "sandboxing", which 
> can give an IP to anything ranging from one running binary to a large 
> collection.  I started the current effort using Docker 
> containerization, but its standard setups require a lot of filesystem 
> recreation, each Docker container has an entire working OS filesystem 
> apart from the kernel; but during the studies for Docker, I blundered 
> into something else called firejail, and firejail appears to be just 
> what the doctor ordered, it seems to do just about everything while 
> using the existing filesystem, and one can very easily turn off the 
> features one doesn't need.
> To cut to the chase, after boot and system prep, first one creates an 
> IP bridge:
>     sudo brctl addbr br0
>     sudo ifconfig br0
> and then starts JACK in the sandboxes:
>     # The master hardware sandbox is named MASTER, the QJackCTL
>     profile is named MASTER,
>     # the JACK server is named MASTER.
>     nohup firejail --name=MASTER --noprofile --net=br0 --ip= \
>         /usr/bin/jackd -n MASTER -m -dalsa -r48000 -p256 -n2 -Xseq -D
>     -Chw:NVidia -Phw:NVidia \
>         > ~/LOGS/jack-master.log &
>     # The SRO hardware sandbox is named SRO, the QJackCTL profile for
>     it is named SRO,
>     # the JACK server is named SRO.
>     nohup firejail --name=SRO --noprofile --net=br0 --ip= \
>         /usr/bin/jackd -n SRO -dnetone \
>         > ~/LOGS/jack-sro.log &
>     # Ditto for STRINGS.
>     nohup firejail --name=STRINGS --noprofile --net=br0 --ip= \
>         /usr/bin/jackd -n STRINGS -dnetone \
>         > ~/LOGS/jack-strings.log &
> And then connects the JACK servers, by adding jack_netsource processes 
> into the existing MASTER sandbox:
>     #!/bin/bash
>     # SRO
>     nohup firejail --join=MASTER jack_netsource -s MASTER -H
> > ~/LOGS/netsource-sro.log &
>     # STRINGS
>     nohup firejail --join=MASTER jack_netsource -s MASTER -H
> > ~/LOGS/netsource-strings.log &
> I have not tested further yet, no clients -- am working on something 
> closer to production now -- but this is looking very good, the 
> connections are reported successful, zero xruns, and on this 
> prototyping box -- 2.6GHz AMD quad, ten-plus years old -- 0.8% DSP in 
> use on all three JACK servers and very low memory usage.  This is 
> considerably better than I had hoped.
> The sandboxed binaries above, cannot reach outside the one box as 
> written above, but the excellent and very responsive developer of 
> Firejail has provided a method 
> <https://github.com/netblue30/firejail/issues/372>.  As a result this 
> could all be done box-independently -- for instance, if one's 
> "monolith is the building" (going to have to remember that, Patrick), 
> one could have all indicated motherboards NFS or SMB to one file 
> server, and then use a central control GUI machine to run all 
> firejails on whichever hardware was proven most appropriate, and 
> testing could become much easier.  Along the way I also found 'xpra' 
> likely to be a very good way to setup such a central control, am going 
> to test that as a side project.
> I tried using netjack2 first, but ran into mystery behavior, xruns 
> started piling huge when the second slave connected.  So I went with 
> netjack1, especially because Patrick Shirkey already proved the above 
> paradigm in multibox mode using netjack1.  I am currently using 
> netjack1 under jackd2, but will change to netjack under jackd1 if a 
> reason to do so appears.
> I am now working on a working dual-JACK prototype, in a 
> near-production design, as a next step towards a generally 
> transportable MultiJACK Patch Management methodology and the next big 
> build of my Box of No Return :-)
> Cheers, and thanks everyone!!!!
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Hey Jonathon,
Definitely interested in this.  Thanks for digging in.
Will you be adding this to your Robust Session Management etc.. blog?


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