[LAU] DIY Moog kit

Tracey traceyanne at sonic.net
Fri Apr 15 23:22:33 UTC 2016

I saw that synth on the Sparkfun Site a while back,
and I also thought it was way over priced.

I learned a lot about analog synths long ago,
so it was nice to see Moog introducing this.

But, if it's aimed at the DIY folks, why does the old 
Moog name mean so much to cost so much?

In this age of internet information, it's very easy
for anyone to find that there are less expensive
ways to go about this.

Other than that, the analog synths have their own
sound, just like digital synths and software synths
have their own sound and place.

A few months ago I got a chance to compare the
linux software synths (I tried quite a few of them)
with an analog synth (Alesis Andromeda).

The software synths that tried to duplicate the
functionality of an analog synth didn't come close
to the analog sound.

That fine with me, because this just gives us more
instruments to play with.

I'm glad that when I was younger friends had gotten
me into studying analog synthesis;  because I learned
how most acoustic instruments produce sound.

I'm also glad that it gave me a reason to learn
electronics, which is a very good thing to know.
(It's nice to be able to understand how most
things that I live with work).

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