[LAU] Mic correction with EQ

Ffanci Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Sat Apr 16 13:37:30 UTC 2016

Fons Adriaensen, Apr 16 2016:
> If the recording was made using the internal mic(s) then
> it will depend on the app used
> * which mic(s) were used (there are 3),
No idea, I didn't record it.
> * if any of the following processing was done:
>  automatic gain control, equalisation, speech enhancement,
>  noise removal, dereverberation, maybe others.
I don't think so. Since the person recording doesn't know anything about music, I'm sure the simplest app was used. I'm not sure about EQing, but the rest is HIGHLY unlikely by the sound of it.
> All this stuff is geared at voice communication, so the
> result for any other type of use could very well be quite
> catastrophic.
It's not actually such a bad recording. Boomy though.
I already performed high and low cut, EQing (with twelve bands), on some parts of the recording limiting and I used a compressor. The result isn't too bad, but I thought there might be a shortcut to get an even better starting point.
> The only way to determine what can be done to improve the
> recording is to listen... Maybe you could make a few minutes
> available.
I'd rather not, since I'm doubtful, if the original task of recording was strictly legal. Yet since it was for a good course... Our friend, who was supposed to be there, since one of the tickets was his, isn't probably going to live much longer. I call that fair enough. :-)
As ever Fons: thanks for your valuable input! Much appreciated! <3

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