[LAU] Testing Kepler34 - New Qt GUI for seq24

Louigi Verona louigi.verona at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 23:26:35 UTC 2016

Looks good, like the screenshots very much.

Is it possible to add a vertical zoom in or just simply increase the height
of notes? The very narrow notes of seq24 make it difficult to quickly
manipulate notes, especially in live situation on stage.

On Sat, Apr 16, 2016 at 8:03 PM, oli_kester <oli_kester at zoho.com> wrote:

> Hi Guys
> The Kepler34 project aims to provide a modern interface for the seq24 MIDI
> sequencer, with extra features added in support of creativity.
> After a bit of a false start with the project using GTK2, I decided to
> build my own Qt GUI using the seq24 MIDI internals as a starting point.
> Thanks to Jeremy for inspiring this idea!
> I've now got the project to a decent point, and would appreciate some
> feedback. Here are a few screenshots -
> http://imgur.com/a/wN2AA
> As you can see, the program now uses a single window interface. It's also
> fully resizable. In the future, it will be possible to pop out each of
> those tabs to a separate window - they are implemented as separate Qt frame
> objects, making this easy to achieve.
> Some feedback on the use of colour would be great - is the playback state
> of each sequence clear enough with the current setup?
> Please note that quite a few of the buttons do not yet work, and the MIDI
> event editor has yet to be ported over - but the program works as a basic
> MIDI sequencer.
> It should be 100% compatible with seq24 MIDI files - but just to be safe,
> please back up before opening up any of your projects. Upon save, data
> about the sequence colouring is now tagged to the MIDI files after the
> usual seq24 values.
> You can download a stable(?) package from here -
> https://github.com/oli-kester/kepler34/releases/tag/v0.1
> Cheers!
> Oliver
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Louigi Verona
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