[LAU] Fluidsynth: map each channel to individual jack audio output

Lorenzo Sutton lorenzofsutton at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 07:49:43 UTC 2016


Thanks again for the detailed explanation.

On 24/04/2016 22:47, Tito Latini wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 24, 2016 at 05:01:55PM +0200, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
>> Thanks for testing... However I'm not really sure what to make out of
>> that apart from assuming that the use case isn't directly covered by
>> fluidsynth?
>> I imagine the easiest workaround would be starting multiple fluidsynth
>> instances, maybe lowering poliphony (not sure what impact this has on
>> resource consumption), possibly scripting it...
> With stereo samples, "-L" seems what you want but I don't intend to
> influence your choice.

As I also wrote on the Fluidsynth dev list I'm essentially after two 
possible use cases:
1. Record different instruments from a "general midi" soundfont (on 
different midi channels) independently e.g. in Ardour on a track per 
2. Record drums from a drum soundfont independently to their own track 
in the DAW (Ardour). In that case I would be sequencing each drum on its 
own (MIDI) channel.

I'm not sure if / how -L might help on 2. as there still doesn't seem to 
be a way to route a (midi) channel to an audio output.


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