[LAU] CMS for self-hosting audio files?

Joel Roth joelz at pobox.com
Wed Apr 27 17:50:29 UTC 2016

stephen.doonan at gmail.com wrote:
> Does anyone know of or can suggest a CMS (content management system, such as
> the many MySQL/PHP, Ruby, Python or newer GOlang alternatives that produce
> dynamic HTML webpages on the fly or static websites) that are focused on
> self-hosting of audio files at one's own Internet domain?
> SoundCloud.com, BandCamp.com, ReverbNation.com, PicoSong.com and others are
> 3rd-party audio file hosting solutions/websites, but some people (such as
> myself) might prefer to host audio files (podcasts or music, etc.) at their
> own domain.

Hi Steve,

Along with the other solutions mentioned, I'm writing in
case you're interesting in rolling your own.

I run dynamic sites hosting audio and video files that
generate the listing when the HTTP request is received.
The code generates an HTML5 snippet like this for each file:
<audio controls><source src="/audio/segment1/segment1/Three blind mice.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">
Your browser does not support the audio element.

The listing then gets wrapped in a template file and served.
Files written in markdown also get wrapped and served.

This is using the perl Dancer framework (originally based on
Django, a framework written in Ruby.) I happen to need
dynamic code for authentication and access control, but the
overhead for starting the interpreter and loading libraries
means that the response is rather slow.  Generating static
HTML pages might prefererable for you.

Let me know if you'd like me to throw some code your way,
perhaps it will stick to the wall ;-)


> Thanks and best wishes,
> Steve
Joel Roth

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