[LAU] ZynAddSubFX Usability Survey

Mark McCurry mark.d.mccurry at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 13:11:51 UTC 2016

Hi there linux audio users,

Over the past several years the ZynAddSubFX team has been trying to modernize
our versatile synth.
It has gained some pretty significant features such as MIDI learn, LV2/VST
plugin versions, near full realtime safety, and remote user interface support.
One thing which hasn't changed all that much structurally though has been the
user interface.
As a next major step for the project is a full rewrite of the UI, replacing
the current junk-drawer of knobs with a much easier to navigate and explore
interface based off of a mockup by Budislav Stepanov [1][2].

This UI will be a single window design, which will be resizable, present more
consistent means of interaction, present more interactive views on synthesizer
data, and be built with touch interfaces in mind.

In order to make this a possibility I'm going to be working full-time on this
for a few months and releasing it under an open-source eventually model.
As this is a huge project and zyn is relatively well known in the LA
community, I'd like to solicit feedback about this interface project and
general usability/interface issues that already exist.
This feedback is incredibly valuable and it will help greatly in
making this next
step forward what the larger community wants.

Here's a short survey on the topic:


For those of you which might be interested in hearing about this project as it
progresses, there's an announcement-only mailing list at:


Thanks for taking the time to read this and providing any feedback,

ZynAddSubFX Developer

[1] http://zynaddsubfx.sourceforge.net/mockups/mockup-2014.html
[2] http://budislavtvp.deviantart.com/art/ZynAddSubFX-UI-UX-Concept-2015-455890191

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