[LAU] 8 balanced out interface suggestions

Iain Mott mott at reverberant.com
Sat Aug 6 12:35:06 UTC 2016

Hi list,

I need to set up a linux computer with 8 balanced outputs for an event 
next month and I'd like to ask what are the current makes/models that 
work well in Linux, ie. with simple installation.

It will be set up on a desktop linux computer so a PCI card interface 
will be OK. It doesn't need to have a mixer and the number of inputs 
isn't important.

I personally use a RME Multiface Mark 1. It's very old and in recent 
years it has become a bit unreliable on start up (it needs to be 
pre-warmed-up to start up properly ) so I don't want to risk taking it.

Please send suggestions.



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