[LAU] [OT] Searching for an 80s song

Ffanci Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Sat Aug 6 21:04:32 UTC 2016

Hey hey everyone,
sorry for the OT< but I can't find it and it's driving me crazy.

I'm looking for a song I remember from my early childhood in the 80s. I think 
the second half of the 80s and it starts with vocals only (or maybe a few 
drums). Someone sings
"It's a love" in a high register and then the line is repeated about two 
octaves below. That goes on twice I believe.
I have a feeling the drums were 80s drum machine or heavily gated with that 
typical roomey sounding reverb. But nothing else.

That bit popped into my head a few days ago and even though I searched the net 
and a friends large music library, I couldn't find it. I have a feeling I 
might not even like the song particularly, but that feeling of being on the 
tip of my brain and not being able to grasp it, is driving me utterly crazy.

Thanks for any help and appologies again for the OT>

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