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On Sun, 7 Aug 2016 08:24:54 +0200
Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net> wrote:

> AFAIK it's YouTube that censors even CC licensed videos, hence "it
> could contain music" and not "it does contain music". They simply
> don't check if a video does or does not.

As far as I see it, there can be two mechanisms in place.  One is by
geolocation, the other by copyrights.

For an example of the latter, I have made a mix of songs by UA, from
CDs, and uploaded it to youtube.   The idea was to only share it with
somebody else that has access to youtube from a simple tablet-type of
computer.  Youtube in turn prevents playing that video except if I'm
logged in to my account.  Then I can play it.  

I think it works by companies uploading digital 'signatures' that
consists of audio fragments to a youtube API.  youtube in turn scans an
uploaded file to see if the bit pattern can be found.

The mix file, about which youtube will show that there are copyrights
held by Victor Entertainment :


A live rendition of a UA tune that causes no copyright problems:


(yes, it rains in Japan)

The bit pattern can obviously not be found in the live version.  The
algorithm is certainly not smart enough to extract the musical intent
and synthesize it for search purposes.

Trivia: "jonetsu" is the title of a UA song.

For geolocation, I do not know.  Why would Germany not be able to view
songs by Fila Brazilla, posted by the official Fila Brazilla
account in England !  The band itself posted them to share with

Hence my mention of brexit :)

> The most evil for Germans is, that all Germans with a permanent
> residence are forced to pay radio licence fees, even if they don't own
> a radio or TV. 

For us, it was when the guy knocked at the door to collect the fees
that was surprise.  I guess we were late in a payment, or overlooked it
since all of this was new.  If I'm not mistaken it works by the number
of appliances, including car radios.

> We need to do this, because the government claims, that
> everybody owns a mobile phone and/or computer and is able to listen to
> radio and to watch videos.

In the surprising things dept. the very first school day in the life of
a child is also eventful as there is a visit to the church.

The church, who also collects a fee if I'm not mistaken.

This means that someone who listen to religious programs on radio or
TV gets all his/her money worth ! :)

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