[LAU] A journey to a new world

Ffanci Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Tue Aug 16 20:11:30 UTC 2016

Louigi Verona, Aug 16 2016:
> My latest release, droning270. Currently out only on Bandcamp, you can
> stream and you can even support me by buying it.
Hey hey Louigi,
it's been a long time since I listened to one of your dronings, but I quite like this one, although I may lack the patience or mindset to listen to it for the whole 45 minutes.

Still I wonder how you approach such a composition. I found it rich, very atmospheric and image provoking. It touched something. So I wondered: do ytou focus most on sound design? How do you approach the progressions and points of interest? Algorithmically, through automations or through clever use of intrisic capabilities of your synth engine, like LFOs, envelopes and other control modules. I was really fascinated by this piece.

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