[LAU] Akai MPK mini mk2 config tool

Daniel Swärd excds at kth.se
Tue Aug 23 07:12:45 UTC 2016

On Mon, 2016-08-22 at 17:41 +0200, Maurizio Berti wrote:
> Anyway, give it a shot with virtualization, if it still doesn't work
> you might want to boot to windows and set a "general" configuration, 

I went for the Windows boot. Wanted to get it to work...

> then use mididings as a "proxy" to control how the mapping is
> translated to the midi devices you want to connect your MPK to.

Connecting it with applications in Linux is not a problem. It was only
the editor in wine.

Anyway, spent some time yesterday with trying to get the mappings as I
wanted. As you mentioned, it's not a very good editor. But now the MPK
mini works as I want it. :-)


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